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Can I appeal my DWI conviction?

If a mistake was made during your DWI trial, you can file an appeal and potentially get the sentence reduced. In the best-case scenario, you may even be able to get your conviction removed or overturned. So long as there was a legal error significant enough to affect the outcome of your NJ drunk driving case, you may have grounds for appealing the decision. It is usually a good idea to at least look into the possibility of appealing your DWI conviction because there is no risk of you receiving a harsher sentence on appeal. This means that you have nothing to lose by exploring your options for a DWI appeal.

You will need to act quickly because you have only 20 days after an entry of judgment in your New Jersey DWI case to file an appeal with the court. You are going to have to meet these strict deadlines by filing a Notice of Appeal with the local municipal court, serving a copy of the notice on the prosecutor, and filing the notice with the county clerk. Additionally, since no new evidence will be allowed at the appeal hearing, one of the keys to winning your DWI appeal will likely involve a highly skilled attorney closely examining the evidence and the trial transcripts in your drunk driving case to determine whether a potentially reversible error occurred at any point

John Tumelty Provides Advanced Defense Strategies to Clients Seeking DWI Conviction Appeals in Atlantic City or Elsewhere in South Jersey

John W. Tumelty is a highly skilled criminal and traffic defense attorney who knows how to beat DWI charges in New Jersey. Mr. Tumelty used to be an Atlantic County prosecutor, so he knows exactly what to look for when representing clients who are appealing their drunk driving convictions in Atlantic City, Hamilton Township, Pleasantville, or elsewhere in South Jersey. If you’ve been convicted of a DWI, a DUI, or Breath Test Refusal in NJ, contact Mr. Tumelty today to schedule a free initial consultation about your possible appeal.

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