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New Jersey Criminal Defense and DWI attorney who
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Mr. Tumelty represented Helena Hendricks, who was charged with first degree murder in Atlantic County Superior Court. The defendant faced a number of additional charges, including armed robbery, conspiracy and possession of a handgun for an unlawful purpose. At the conclusion of a jury trial that lasted three weeks, the defendant was found “not guilty” of all charges.

Former State Prosecutor

Former Atlantic County Prosecutor

Certified Criminal Trial Attorney

Experienced for Over 30 years

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Experienced Atlantic City, NJ Lawyer Fights to Get Your Speeding Ticket Reduced or Dismissed

If you’re caught speeding in New Jersey, you’ll more than likely receive a ticket, fines and points on your driving record. You may think tickets like these are par for the course and expected at some point when you drive in New Jersey. However, paying the ticket is the same as pleading guilty to a crime. You have options. You can avoid the points, fines and record by talking with a skilled traffic violations attorney who knows the courts in Atlantic and Cape May counties and will fight for you.

Speeding is not the open and shut case that many people think it is. If you’ve been charged with speeding, the right lawyer, like John W. Tumelty, may be able to get your ticket thrown out. Mr. Tumelty has been successfully fighting clients’ speeding tickets for many years. As a former state prosecutor, he knows how to negotiate with the local prosecutor to get your charges reduced and possibly even get your speeding ticket dismissed entirely. Mr. Tumelty has law offices in Atlantic City, Marmora or Somers Point, NJ.

NJ Attorney John Tumelty Defends Clients in Cape May, Atlantic & Ocean Counties Who are Facing Speeding Charges

Laws Surrounding Speeding in New Jersey:

The speed restrictions on New Jersey roadways are strict. Under the Default Rules, unless you are in a 65 miles per hour (mph) zone, you may not exceed 50 mph in NJ. Additionally, there are reduced speed zones throughout the state designed to promote safety. For example, if you’re driving through a school zone when children are present, you may not drive faster than 25 mph. Similarly, residential areas also have a speed limit of 25 mph. However, these are only default rules. Individual governing bodies can impose other speed limit rules, as long as they are clearly posted on state, county, or municipality-approved signs.

In addition to speed limit signs, there are other situations that require a driver to reduce his or her speed. Failure to do so may result in a ticket even if the driver was in compliance with posted speed limit signs. Examples of these situations are railroad crossings and dangerous weather.

Points for Speeding:

  • Speeds of one to 14 mph over the limit: Two points
  • Speeds of 15 to 29 mph over the limit: Four points
  • Speeds of 30 mph over the limit, or more: Five points
  • Reckless driving: Five points (plus extra points if you were also speeding)

If you’re charged with speeding in excess of 30 mph over the legal limit, you may get a reckless driving charge. Reckless driving charges are also common for speeds of over 90 mph. Of course, all of these speeding violations come with fines. These fines can be significantly increased (even doubled) if you are caught speeding in a construction area, or driving over 20 mph above the posted limit. For more serious speeding violations, don’t be surprised if the judge imposes jail time.

Speeding tickets are handed out all over New Jersey, however, they are especially prevalent on the Atlantic City Expressway, the Garden State Parkway, and routes 9, 40, 30 and 206. However, it’s important to remember that there are many successful defenses against speeding charges. A talented, knowledgeable lawyer like John Tumelty is your best line of defense. He represents clients in Atlantic City, Cape May, Wildwood, Little Egg Harbor and throughout New Jersey.

If You’ve Been Charged with Speeding or Reckless Driving, Contact John W. Tumelty Today

As a former state prosecutor, Mr. Tumelty knows how to get point reductions on speeding tickets in Atlantic and Cape May counties in NJ. He may even be able to get the charges dismissed completely. Speeding tickets can mean points on your driving record, fines, increased insurance costs and even possible jail time.

If you’ve been charged with speeding, driving with a suspended license, driving with a suspended license or any number of other traffic violations, we can help. Mr. Tumelty works with clients across New Jersey and he can help you. Call for a free consultation today.

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Seasoned criminal defense lawyer John W. Tumelty has three conveniently located offices in Atlantic City, Somers Point and Marmora, NJ. He serves clients in Atlantic, Ocean, Gloucester and Cape May counties and the Jersey Shore, including: Absecon, Atlantic City, Avalon, Cape May, Dennis Township, Egg Harbor Township, Galloway Township, Hamilton Township, Hammonton, Linwood, Lower Township, Margate, Middle Township, Northfield, Ocean City, Pleasantville, Sea Isle City, Somers Point, Stone Harbor, Upper Township, Ventnor and Wildwood.