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Atlantic City, NJ Juvenile Drug Possession Attorney Helps Minors Keep Their Records Clean of a Juvenile Conviction

If your child has been charged with juvenile drug possession in New Jersey, they face severe penalties that can ruin the rest of their lives. In addition to the immediate penalties, such as loss of driver’s license and possible jail time, a drug conviction on their record will be seen by college admissions officers and hiring managers for a long time to come. That’s why it is imperative that they have the right attorney to fight for them and help them avoid a juvenile record.

Criminal defense lawyer John W. Tumelty, founding partner of the Law Offices of John W. Tumelty, is a former prosecutor who prosecuted serious drug crimes, which means that he knows both sides of the system. Now Mr. Tumelty devotes his entire legal practice to representing people who have been charged with criminal offenses and DWI violations. Mr. Tumelty’s knowledge and experience have allowed him to secure positive results for countless clients charged with juvenile offenses, including underage drug possession, in Cape May and Atlantic counties.

What Are the Penalties for Juvenile Drug Possession in New Jersey?

The penalties for juvenile drug possession in New Jersey vary, depending upon the type and amount of drug possessed. Some of the common drug possession charges that juveniles face in New Jersey include:

Although people tend to think of marijuana as being “less” harmful than other drugs, NJ prosecutors do not agree. Unlike some other states, New Jersey has not legalized marijuana use. Additionally, since marijuana is perceived as a gateway drug to other “harder” drugs, NJ prosecutors will not hesitate to seek maximum punishments in juvenile marijuana cases. If your child was caught with a single marijuana joint, they could face significant consequences, including a sentence of six months in a juvenile detention center and suspension of their driver’s license for up to six months.

A conviction for possession of a drug like cocaine or heroin – in any amount – can expose your child to ever harsher punishments. Perhaps worse than any immediate punishment, your child’s future may be greatly hindered by having a drug conviction appear on their juvenile record.

Protect Your Child’s Future; Speak with an Experienced Cape May and Atlantic County Juvenile Drug Possession Defense Lawyer

Your child deserves to have an experienced juvenile defense lawyer on their side, advising them of their options and protecting their legal rights. Having qualified legal counsel is especially important if your child has been charged with a drug possession offense because the penalties are so severe.

Mr. Tumelty will use his 35 years of experience as a prosecutor and as a criminal defense lawyer to secure the best possible outcome to your child’s case. Call Mr. Tumelty today to discuss your child’s charges, or fill out the online contact form to schedule an in-person consultation at his Marmora or Somers Point offices. He will be happy to sit down with you and develop a unique, personalized strategy for your child’s case.

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