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FAQs – What To Do When You Are Arrested

Experienced, Knowledgeable Defense Lawyer Explains What to Do If You’ve Been Arrested and Charged with a Serious Crime in New Jersey

From the very first moment you find yourself facing criminal charges of any kind in New Jersey (or even if you suspect you are being investigated in relation to a criminal case), your very first thought should be about making a phone call to an experienced, aggressive criminal attorney who will protect your rights and defend you against your charges.

You’ve heard the term “lawyer up” on TV or in the movies, no doubt. As soon as you request an attorney, questioning by law enforcement must stop until your lawyer is by your side, able to advise you during questioning. It is your right to request a lawyer and to “remain silent.” It’s in your best interests to contact John W. Tumelty right away so he can handle the police interview on your behalf.

Dispelling the Myths about “Lawyering Up”

When it comes to how police are allowed to treat you after you have been arrested and charged with a crime, the laws are clear. Even though there are plenty of beliefs about what’s true and not true circulating out there, trust an experienced lawyer — not your favorite TV show or “informed” friends.

These are the real facts:

  1. Police may tell you that you will have an easier time if you just answer their questions. The fact is that police officers are allowed to use various tactics to get you to incriminate yourself. Requesting a lawyer won’t make the situation worse for you. In fact, you run the risk of saying things that will hurt your case if Mr. Tumelty isn’t by your side.
  2. Police may say that you would be talking if you had nothing to hide. Informed people understand that it’s their right not to talk without a lawyer present. Don’t give up your rights, regardless of your guilt or innocence.
  3. Police say they are going to get you a deal if you explain what you know. Police do not have the authority to strike a deal with you. In fact, your lawyer is in the best position to strike any favorable deal on your behalf. Therefore, do not answer questions or volunteer any information until Mr. tumelty arrives.

Why Choose John Tumelty to Defend You Against Your Charges in South Jersey

Mr. Tumelty is a former state prosecutor and a Supreme Court Certified criminal trial lawyer. He knows how the system and prosecutors work; he will use his experience and knowledge to your benefit. Mr. Tumelty fully investigates all cases involving his clients. He will seek to discredit all evidence and witness testimony in your case. He works with the region’s best forensic experts, accident reconstructionists and criminal investigators and will leave no stone unturned in fighting for your freedom and your criminal record.

Mr. Tumelty will do everything possible to achieve the optimal outcome in your case. He will represent you in your bail hearing to minimize bail requirements. Mr. Tumelty will also represent you during your arraignment. He will explain your charges and discuss your plea options. He will seek out any ways your constitutional rights may have been violated and will use this information on your behalf. If he is able to get your charges downgraded or if he is able to work out a good plea bargain arrangement, he will advise you accordingly and guide you as you make your decisions.

Contact a Savvy, Knowledgeable Criminal Defense Lawyer for a Free Consultation about Your Charges Today

The Law Offices of John W. Tumelty has three convenient locations in South Jersey. Mr. Tumelty will meet with you in Atlantic City, Marmora or Somers Point. He will also consult with you about your charges by telephone and, of course, will come to you when you are in police custody.

Initial consultation are always free of charge with Mr. Tumelty. He will explain your charges and your options and answer your questions. He prioritizes client communication and will put your case first, always. Contact him today so he can begin to defend you or a loved one against serious New Jersey criminal charges.

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