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Casino Criminal Trespass Defense Lawyer in Atlantic City

Atlantic City Casino Criminal Trespass Attorney Is Prepared to Fight Your Trespassing Charges

Criminal trespass complaints are frequently filed by Atlantic City casino and hotel security departments. Almost any time a casino patron is disruptive in a nightclub or on a casino floor, security gets involved and escorts the individual off the premises with a warning not to return. If and when that person ignores the warning and sets foot on the casino property again, they are usually arrested and charged with criminal trespass.

Although one might think that trespassing is a minor offense, you can incur significant penalties if you are convicted of criminal trespassing in New Jersey because prosecutors take “invasion of privacy” offenses very seriously.

John Tumelty, founding partner of the Law Offices of John W. Tumelty, appears in courts throughout Atlantic County and Cape May County virtually every day. He is a former state and assistant Atlantic County prosecutor who now helps defendants win their cases and stay out of jail. In fact, Mr. Tumelty’s experience as both a prosecutor and a criminal defense attorney has allowed him to develop advanced defense strategies that he will use to help you beat your trespassing charges.

How Seriously Does Law Enforcement Take Trespassing in New Jersey?

N.J.S.A. 2C:18-3 governs trespassing offenses in the State of New Jersey. You do not actually have to break into a property in order to be charged with trespassing. Simply setting foot on the premises when you do not have a legal right or permission to be there can result in a trespassing charge. In fact, just looking into a certain kind of building without permission can result in trespassing charges.

The statute proscribes three different kinds of trespassing:

  • Unlicensed entry of a structure: It is against the law to enter or remain in any structure when you are not legally permitted to do so.
  • Defiant trespass: It is against the law to enter or remain in a place after being given notice to stay off the premises. Notice can come in the form of actual communication, a posting or sign on the premises, or fencing.
  • Unlawful peering: This is more commonly known as a “peeping tom” offense. Illegally peering into the windows of a dwelling is classified as a fourth degree felony.

Trespassing can be classified as either a felony or a disorderly persons offense, depending upon the circumstances. This means that a trespassing conviction may result in severe penalties, including prison time, heavy fines, and community service requirements. You may also lose your driving privileges in the State of New Jersey.

New Jersey Casino Criminal Trespass Lawyer Explores All Possible Defenses to Your Trespassing Charges

If you were recently arrested for trespassing on a casino property, it is imperative that you contact an experienced New Jersey casino trespass lawyer who can potentially raise defenses on your behalf. For example, if you reasonably believed that you had permission to enter the premises, it may be possible to get the trespassing charge dismissed.

John Tumelty represents clients accused of Atlantic City casino crimes, including casino criminal trespass. He understands the stress and pressures you must be feeling right now. That’s why he is committed to securing a successful and speedy resolution to your case. Contact him today to arrange a free, in-person consultation at one of his office locations in Somers Point and Marmora, NJ.

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