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Facing Child Endangerment Charges in Atlantic City? Criminal Defense Lawyer John Tumelty Will Protect Your Rights and Reputation

New Jersey criminal charges associated with endangering the welfare of a child are very serious. A guilty conviction will impact your entire family for a long time. When your freedom and reputation is at stake, you need to hire an experienced criminal defense attorney who knows these complex laws and will fight tirelessly to defend you against your charges.

If you are being accused of any form of child abuse or child endangerment, you must act now. Even if you believe the charges are bogus and are being made up by someone who is trying to hurt you, you must defend yourself before the situation spirals out of control. At the Law Offices of John W. Tumelty, we have over 35 years representing clients in all areas of criminal defense, including extensive experience with child sex abuse cases. As a former prosecutor, Mr. Tumelty has deep insight into how prosecutors approach a case. He uses that experience to build a highly effective defense for each of his client’s unique situations.

What are “Endangering the Welfare of a Child” Charges in New Jersey?

The endangering provision in the New Jersey Code of Criminal Justice defines “child” to mean any person under the age of 16. Endangering the welfare of a child is a felony charge that can carry a prison term of 10 years. New Jersey has multiple statutes regarding child abuse. The severity of a conviction is dependent on a wide range of factors.

If the convicted person had a legal duty to care for the child, this will elevate the severity of the crime by one degree. For example, if the crime is a third degree crime for everyone else, it will be elevated to a second degree crime for the parent. Some child abuse crimes are considered second degree just by their nature, regardless of legal responsibility to the child. In such cases, if a parent commits the act, it becomes a first degree crime. Second and first degree crimes receive a significantly more severe punishment than third and fourth degree crimes. First degree child abuse crimes are the most serious and include “acts of sexual conduct that would impair or debauch the morals of the child.”

Experienced Criminal Defense Lawyer Protects Your Rights in Middletown, Cape May, Toms River & Every Town in Between

If facing jail time and significant fines aren’t bad enough, someone charged with endangering the welfare of a child could have their own children removed from their care while the case is ongoing. This is why it is crucial that you contact an attorney like John W. Tumelty who has extensive experience in this area and will begin fighting your charges immediately. Mr. Tumelty knows that it is quite common for an “anonymous accuser” or someone looking to tarnish your reputation to file child endangerment charges.

Mr. Tumelty will fight back hard. He knows how to investigate these charges and will seek to discredit your accuser in an effort to clear your good name. Call him today for a free consultation about your sex crime charges.

Speak with an Experienced NJ Criminal Defense Lawyer about your Child Endangerment Charges for Free

When you are facing charges related to endangering the welfare of a child, you need to protect your rights, your family and your reputation. Regardless of how ridiculous you think these charges are, you must answer to them swiftly. Your freedom is at stake.

Contact John W. Tumelty and put his decades of experience and the knowledge to work for you. He is a former successful prosecutor who puts his experience to work defending the rights of  good people, like you, who are facing criminal charges in Atlantic and Cape May counties and throughout Southern New Jersey. To schedule a free initial consultation call us at 609.385.4010 or fill out our confidential form.


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