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Experienced Atlantic City NJ Criminal Defense Lawyer Helps Clients Charged with Using Fake IDs

Teenagers have been using fake identification for a very long time. In fact, thanks to technology, the process is more sophisticated and the IDs are more realistic. With a fake ID, underage kids can buy alcohol or get into local bars and clubs in Atlantic City and the shore bars in Cape May County, NJ. A new trend is for college kids under 21 to purchase IDs with their actual names on them. This way, the ID matches their student ID, which many bars are now asking to see. Unfortunately, by using their real name, the charge automatically increases from a fourth degree crime to a third degree crime. This is because, instead of “simply” possessing a fake identification, you are now tampering with a government-issued ID.

Certainly, these kids understand they are doing something wrong. However, the consequences are much more severe than most young people understand. Issues around homeland security have created much harsher penalties for any crime involving fraudulent government documents — even if it’s just a fake ID to get into a club. Getting caught with a fake ID can cost you your license and hefty fines. It can also land you in jail. Make no mistake about it, this is serious business and you need an experienced juvenile criminal defense lawyer on your side. Contact John W. Tumelty for a free consultation about your charges.

Skilled Lawyer Fights Fake Identification Charges in Atlantic, Cape May and Ocean Counties

Getting caught with a fake ID (NJ 2C:21-2.1) in New Jersey is typically charged as a fourth or third degree criminal offense. If you are caught in the act of using that fake ID to purchase alcohol, tobacco products or to get into a bar, this may increase your charges to a crime of the fourth degree. Fines can be up to $1,000 with possible jail time, and you will lose your license for a minimum of six months and a maximum of two years.

Very little proof is required by the side of the prosecution in these cases. The fake ID itself is usually pretty solid evidence. Combine that with testimony that the defendant attempted to use it from a bouncer, bartender, etc., and a guilty verdict often follows. However, there are still some lines of defense if you have been charged with using or selling a fake ID. Was procedure properly followed? Were your Constitutional rights violated during the arrest? Only an experienced, skilled criminal defense attorney will understand the options available to you. John W. Tumelty knows how to position you for the best possible outcome. He will fight hard to keep your record clean.

Contact the Law Offices of John W. Tumelty if You Have Been Charged with Using or Selling a Fake ID

If you have been charged with using or selling a fake ID, you need expert legal representation right away. These laws are complex and the penalties are harsh. Choosing the right attorney can help you protect your rights and keep you out of jail. The Law Offices of John W. Tumelty have experience with even the most difficult cases surrounding fraudulent government documents. Mr. Tumelty’s experience as a former prosecutor gives him insight into their tactics. He understands the way the prosecution works and uses this knowledge to his clients’ advantage. Mr. Tumelty defends clients in Atlantic City, Cape May, Wildwood, Little Egg Harbor and Ocean Township, and throughout New Jersey.

At the Law Offices of John W. Tumelty, we have experience in even the most difficult criminal cases. Our experience, understanding and knowledge have allowed us to successfully defend clients in all types of criminal cases for over 35 years. If you or someone you love has received any type of criminal charge, contact Mr. Tumelty today for a free consultation. You may call our office at 609.385.4010 or fill out this confidential contact form and our legal team will contact you shortly.


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