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Knowledgeable Criminal Defense Lawyer Provides Atlantic City, NJ Prostitution Defense

NJ law enforcement and prosecutors are doing their best to crack down on what is known as the “world’s oldest profession.” Since Atlantic City and the Jersey Shore are fun-time destinations, it only makes sense that prostitution is one of the most commonly charged and heavily prosecuted crimes in South Jersey.

John Tumelty, founding partner of the Law Offices of John W. Tumelty, is a former state prosecutor and a former Atlantic County prosecutor with three decades of criminal law experience. Now he provides stellar criminal defense for clients charged with crimes throughout South Jersey, including Cape May and Atlantic counties. His local experience carries weight because he’s probably dealt with the prosecutor and the judge in the municipal court where you will end up going for your case. Talk to him about your prostitution charges today.

What Types of Fines and Penalties Can You Receive for a Prostitution Conviction in New Jersey?

Prostitution and promoting prostitution charges are particularly common around the Atlantic City area. These charges can arise from a variety of situations: stings, soliciting in casinos, soliciting an undercover cop, or using the services of an escort. Regardless of the circumstances, it is important that you hire an attorney who will handle your case with discretion.

The offer of money or the acceptance of money in exchange for sexual activity is explicitly prohibited by N.J.S.A. 2C:34-1. Some of the most common prostitution-related charges include:

  • Solicitation: Police departments routinely use sting operations to catch individuals who are seeking out the services of prostitutes.
  • Engaging in prostitution: It is illegal to offer sexual services in exchange for money or anything of economic value.
  • Loitering: NJ law prohibits a person from standing in a public area for the purpose of engaging in prostitution or soliciting prostitution.
  • Promoting or facilitating prostitution: Anyone accused of running a prostitution ring or assisting in the procurement of the services of a prostitute faces serious penalties.
  • Racketeering: Under N.J.S.A. 2C:41-1, a person who is convicted of two incidents of promoting prostitution may be charged with racketeering.
  • Child prostitution: If a minor was involved in the prostitution offense, the offender faces enhanced penalties.

Under the New Jersey criminal code, prostitution and solicitation of a prostitute are treated similarly. A first offense for prostitution is classified as a disorderly persons offense. This means that offenders are subject to up to six months in county jail and a fine of up to $1,000. A second or subsequent offense for prostitution is considered a fourth degree felony. These cases are treated more seriously and are heard in the county superior court. A felony prostitution conviction can result in a sentence of up to 18 months in NJ State Prison and heavy fines. Additionally, if the prostitution offense involved the use of a motor vehicle, the offender can also have their driver’s license suspended by the court.

Fight Back Against Sex Crime Charges; Schedule a Free Consultation with an Experienced NJ Prostitution Attorney in Atlantic and Cape May Counties

An experienced attorney can help you fight a prostitution charge. Whether you are a resident of New Jersey or a visitor from another state, it is important that you speak with a local defense attorney who is familiar with South Jersey courts.

John Tumelty’s experience as both a prosecutor and a criminal defense attorney has allowed him to develop advanced defense strategies that he will use to help you beat your sex crime charges. For example, he knows how to negotiate with prosecutors to secure the best possible plea agreement. He is also prepared to fight for you in the courtroom if your case goes to trial. Call Mr. Tumelty today to schedule a free consultation at one of his offices in Somers Point and Marmora.

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