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Successful Criminal Defense Lawyer Fights Credit Card Fraud Charges in Atlantic City and Throughout South Jersey

While the technology behind plastic commerce makes it easier to shop around the world at the touch of a button, that very same technology makes it easier for people to steal valuable information and use credit cards fraudulently. For some, it may feel irresistible to steal credit card information; after all, no one is getting hurt physically.

Make no mistake about it: using someone else’s credit care, without their permission, to buy things on the Internet can result in a third or fourth degree theft crime in New Jersey. Convictions of these charges can result in serious jail time.

If you or someone you know has been charged with credit card fraud, contact an experienced criminal lawyer who has significant experience defending clients charged with credit card fraud. If convicted of credit card fraud, you could be facing up to 10 years in NJ State Prison. John W. Tumelty is a former prosecutor and longtime criminal defense lawyer who will fight for your freedom and your reputation.

Common Types of Credit Card Fraud in Atlantic City and across New Jersey

  1. Theft of a Credit Card – Taking and using someone else’s credit card without their permission
  2. Altering a Credit Care – Adding a magnetic strip to the card or calling up and getting the credit limit increased without the cardholder’s permission
  3. Internet Credit Card Theft – Hacking someone’s credit card account to get their information so you can use it to commit theft
  4. Skimming – Using a technology device to read the information coded on someone’s card so you can use it to commit theft
  5. Copying Receipts – Copying credit card numbers from sales receipt to commit fraud
  6. BIN Attacks – Generating bogus cards based on bank identification numbers (BIN)
  7. Hijacking a Credit Card Account: Using a credit card to launder funds
  8. Obtaining a Card in Someone Else’s Name or Giving False Statements to Obtain a Card

John Tumelty Will Protect Your Rights and Defend Against Your Credit Card Fraud Charges

Due to the often “virtual” nature of these crimes, most people charged with credit card fraud are approached at their home or workplace by a police officer bearing a search warrant. They will have grounds and authority to search your belongings including your computer and other any devices or areas outlined in the warrant. You must allow the officers to carry out their search. However, make sure you read the warrant; they can only search the areas and items included in the warrant. If the warrant says they can check your laptop but no other computers, then their search should be limited to only the laptop.

An important thing to know: you do not have to have any discussion, nor should you, with the officers as they conduct their search. Don’t answer questions or volunteer any information. Instead, contact John Tumelty’s office immediately to make sure your legal rights are protected. He will check the validity of the search warrant (even after the fact.) If the warrant or any part of the search conducted is not correct, he will use these issues as the basis of his motion to get any evidence found thrown out.

Mr. Tumelty has many defenses he can bring forth in a court of law to combat your charges. These may include proving your lack of intent to commit the crime you are charged with or proof you did have the permission you are accused of acting without.

NJ Penalties for Credit Card Fraud are Severe

If you are charged with an fraudulent use of a credit card, whether it’s Internet theft, an altered card, skimming or any other credit card fraud action, you can be charged with a second, third or fourth degree theft crime. The exact charges and penalties will be based on the value of what you stole.

  • Fourth Degree Theft: value between $200 to $500 and the penalty is up to 18 months in prison if convicted
  • Third Degree Theft: value between 500 to $75,000 and up to five years in prison if convicted
  • Second Degree Theft: If the item(s) you stole are valued of $75,000 or more, you face up to 10 years in prison if convicted

Talk to a Skilled Credit Card Fraud Defense Lawyer in Atlantic City for Free

Make no mistake about it, credit card fraud is a crime in New Jersey. Theft is taken very seriously and, if convicted, you can face several years in prison and significant fines. Your reputation can be stained and a criminal record can hurt your chances of getting a good job, into school, obtaining a car loan or an apartment lease. Online financial crimes can also have a serious effect on your ability to travel internationally.

Contact John W. Tumelty today for a free consultation about your credit card fraud charges. He will review the evidence against you and fight your charges in an effort to clear your name.

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