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Atlantic City, NJ Attorney Will Defend You When You are Facing Eluding Police Charges

Eluding a police officer is a very serious crime in New Jersey, but one which is relatively difficult to prove. In order to get a conviction, the prosecution must prove that you knowingly tried to flee or purposely didn’t stop your vehicle when signaled by a police officer to do so. This is not an easy task. What if you didn’t stop your vehicle because you didn’t see the police officer? What if you ran off during police questioning because you were scared or confused about what was going on?

The laws in New Jersey make it a crime to ignore a police officer’s signal to stop your vehicle or to flee on foot during an encounter with law enforcement. There are multiple reasons why an individual might attempt to elude the police. Common reasons for fleeing are:

  • Driving on a suspended license
  • Driving without insurance
  • Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol

If you have received charges for eluding a police officer, it’s important that you do not take them lightly. There are two degrees of eluding police, third and second, which can easily be escalated as the case unfolds. If you do not have skilled legal representation, you could wind up in prison for a long, long, time. Contact the Law Office of John W. Tumelty for sound legal advice. Mr. Tumelty will defend you against any criminal charges in Atlantic or Cape May counties and throughout New Jersey.

Seasoned Lawyer Represents Clients Charged with Eluding Police in Atlantic and Ocean Counties and Surrounding New Jersey Communities

Third degree eluding happens when you knowingly flee or refuse to stop your vehicle when signaled to do so. If convicted, you can face up to five years in prison. It can get even worse than that. If law enforcement states that they had to pursue you in a vehicle, and that the pursuit caused a risk of injury to others, you can be charged with second degree eluding. If convicted, you may spend up to 10 years in prison.

What if you did not see the officer and were driving fast for the sake of driving fast? While speeding is also against the law, the difference between speeding/reckless driving charges and a second degree eluding crime is quite dramatic. It’s an issue of fines and points on your driving record vs. 10 years in prison. Don’t make the mistake of hiring inexperienced legal representation. Criminal defense lawyer John W. Tumelty is a former prosecutor who knows how the other side thinks. He has been successfully defending all types of criminal cases, from resisting arrest to illegal vehicle searches to murder, for over 35 years.

A highly skilled, experienced criminal defense attorney can help you get the most favorable outcome possible. Mr. Tumelty’s experience as a former prosecutor gives him a distinct advantage. He knows how they work and can anticipate their next move. Mr. Tumelty will find the weaknesses in their case and fight tirelessly to get your charges reduced or thrown out entirely.

Even if the courts decide you did knowingly flee, a strong attorney can keep you out of jail. If, for example, you are charged with third degree eluding and have no prior criminal history, you may be eligible for the Pre-Trial Intervention program (PTI). This program serves to rehabilitate, rather than punish. Most importantly, it keeps you out of jail and keeps your record clean.

If You Have Been Charged with Eluding a Police Officer, Contact John Tumelty right away for a free consultation about your case

When you are facing criminal charges in New Jersey, you should hire an experienced attorney immediately. John W. Tumelty will be your greatest advocate throughout the entire process. He will fight to protect your rights, keep you out of jail and keep your record clean. Mr. Tumelty serves clients in Atlantic City, Cape May, Wildwood, Little Egg Harbor, Ocean Township and throughout New Jersey. Contact him today for a free consultation about your case. He has offices in Atlantic City, Marmora and Somers Point, NJ.

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