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Experienced Attorney Fights Shoplifting, Drug Charges, DWI and other Charges in Gloucester County, New Jersey

If you or your college-aged child has been arrested and charged with a crime in Glassboro or anywhere in Gloucester County, New Jersey, you need to know that prosecutors take criminal charges very seriously here. Depending on the circumstances, if convicted you may be facing a criminal record and jail time. It’s imperative that you contact an aggressive, knowledgeable criminal defense lawyer who has successfully represented countless clients, including Rowan University students, facing serious charges in South Jersey.

John W. Tumelty is a former state prosecutor so he understands how the other side thinks. For over three decades, he has represented clients charged with crimes including shoplifting, underage drinking, DWI/DUI, possession of marijuana or heroin, cyberbullying and many other serious criminal charges. College kids have been known to make some poor choices, especially when they are partying with friends. Rest assured, prosecutors and judges seek to make examples of individuals charged with these crimes and going to court without a savvy criminal defense lawyer would be a mistake.

Contact Mr. Tumelty today for a free consultation about the criminal charges you are facing in Gloucester, Atlantic or Cape May counties in South Jersey. He will fight tirelessly for your family.

Why Choose John Tumelty to Fight Criminal Charges in Glassboro, NJ?

Don’t allow one bad judgment call to turn into a lifelong criminal record. If your college student was drinking and driving, for example, it’s important that they understand the severity of the penalties associated with conviction. Similarly, all criminal charges, including theft, drugs and weapons possession, regardless of the age of the defendant, can have life-altering consequences associated with them. Criminal records are often searched by prospective employers, college admissions officers, bank loan officers, apartment leasing offices and others.

John W. Tumelty has offices in Marmora, Atlantic City and Somers Point New Jersey. He treats all clients, no matter what their age, with the respect they deserve. He has been helping South Jersey families fight criminal charges for over 35 years and he works tirelessly to protect his clients’ legal rights.

Mr. Tumelty understands the pressures college students are facing these days. He offers free consultations to all clients and will take particular time with a college student to make sure they understand their charges and the penalties they are facing. If you or your child are facing these or any other criminal charges, contact Mr. Tumelty for a free consultation:

Prosecutors in Gloucester County, NJ, take criminal charges very seriously. Regardless of the age of the defendant, Mr. Tumelty will defend your rights in an effort to shield you from even the most severe penalties. By the time one gets to college, they are treated just like an adult in New Jersey courts. If convicted of criminal charges, all adults may be facing jail time, fines, lifelong inclusion on a national sex registry such as Megan’s Law, a criminal record and forced community service. Juvenile crimes are heard in juvenile court; college crimes, rest assured, are heard in superior court.

Contact Mr. Tumelty today so he can get started mounting a defense right away.

Knowledgeable Criminal Defense Lawyer Defends College-Aged Clients in Glassboro New Jersey

Glassboro is located in Southern New Jersey in Gloucester County. The small borough, nine square miles in area, borders many other small towns including Mantua Township, Monroe Township, Washington Township, Pitman Borough, Harrison Township, Clayton Borough and Elk Township.

Glassboro’s history dates back to 1779 when Solomon Stanger, a glass manufacturer, named the town “Glass Workers in the Woods.” Since then, many well-known glass-making companies headquartered in Glassboro, including: Temperanceville Glass Workers, Anchor Hocking, Owens Bottle Company and Heston-Carpenter Glass Works.

Glassboro is also famous because it was the location (then Glassboro State College, now Rowan University) of the Glassboro Summit Conference in June of 1967. United States President Lyndon B. Johnson and Soviet Premier Alexei Kosygin met here for three days because it was half way between New York City and Washington DC. Just over 20 years later, President Ronald Reagan spoke at the Glassboro High School graduation ceremony in 1986.

Contact a Knowledgeable, Successful Criminal Defense Lawyer in Glassboro, NJ Today for Free

Whatever you do, don’t ignore the real ramifications of a criminal conviction. The state takes these charges very seriously and so should your family. College students charged with possession of drugs or guns, for example, face hard time with serious criminals in prison. The court doesn’t make exceptions based on whether you are 22 or 35. The law is the law in New Jersey.

Contact a lawyer who will leave no stone unturned in defending you or a family member of even the most serious crimes. John W. Tumelty knows what it takes to beat all criminal charges and he has successfully protected the legal rights and records of countless clients. He will fight hard for your family as well. Contact him today to discuss your charges in a free, in-person consultation. He will also speak to you by phone about your Glassboro New Jersey criminal charges.

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