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Aggressive, Experienced Atlantic City Lawyer Fights Criminal Charges for Clients throughout South Jersey

One criminal conviction can destroy even the most promising of futures. That’s because, in New Jersey, there is little tolerance by law enforcement when it comes to arresting and charging people for mistakes. One bad decision can land you in a heap of trouble, facing criminal charges with penalties including serious fines and significant prison time.

When your future is at stake, do not trust your defense to just any lawyer in Atlantic City. Choose an aggressive criminal defense attorney in Atlantic County, NJ who will fight tirelessly to obtain the optimal outcome in your case. NJ Supreme Court Certified Criminal Trial Lawyer John W. Tumelty will put his more than 35 years of experience negotiating with prosecutors and defending his clients to work for you.

If You Facing Any of the Following Serious Criminal Charges in Atlantic City, Defense Lawyer John Tumelty Will Help

Facing criminal charges in Atlantic City or anywhere in South Jersey? Contact John W. Tumelty in one of his three offices in Atlantic City, Marmora or Somers Point today for a free consultation about charges relating to:

  • Casino crimes: Cheating scams, underage gambling, disorderly conduct, trespassing or assault and theft in a casino or hotel
  • Drug charges: Whether it’s marijuana, heroin, cocaine or another illegal drug, or a prescription drug obtained illegally, we will fight your possession, possession with the intent to distribute, manufacturing or drug trafficking charges in Atlantic City
  • Juvenile defense: Underage drinking or gambling, fake ID, possession of drugs, DWI and shoplifting
  • Sex crimes: Megan’s Law issues and serious defense against sexual assault, aggravated sexual assault, prostitution and child pornography
  • Violent crimes including rape, arson, murder, manslaughter and kidnapping
  • Assault: Simple assault, aggravated assault, vehicular assault and any fighting-related charges
  • DWI charges and traffic violations: All charges relating to driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and other traffic violations including speeding, texting while driving, and refusing a breath test
  • Fraud and Theft: Check and credit card fraud, insurance and bank fraud, shoplifting, burglary, robbery and receiving stolen property
  • White collar crimes: Embezzlement, RICO, forgery, business fraud, insurance fraud, computer crimes and ID theft
  • Domestic violence: We fight stalking, harassment and spousal abuse charges and we will defend you against temporary and final restraining orders
  • Gun and other weapons offenses: Handguns, BB guns, Airsoft guns and paintball guns

Contact a Former NJ Prosecutor Who Will Fight Your Criminal Charges in Atlantic City

John W. Tumelty is a former Atlantic County prosecutor and state prosecutor who has successfully put countless people facing felony charges behind bars. In his years on the other side of the courtroom, he learned everything prosecutors do to build cases against defendants charged with crimes. Now, he puts that experience and knowledge to work for his clients defending them against serious charges including murder, sex crimes, burglary and weapons possession. He is a New Jersey Supreme Court certified trial attorney and, rest assured, no one will fight harder to keep you out of jail and protect your criminal record.

Contact John W. Tumelty for a free consultation about your charges. He will come to you or talk with you on the phone if you are unable to come to his office. Don’t wait another minute. Time is of the essence when you are facing life-altering criminal charges. We can help.

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