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If You’ve Been Charged with Making Terroristic Threats in NJ, Contact a Skilled Atlantic City Domestic Violence Lawyer

Most people, when they hear the words “terroristic threats,” think of war or spy novels. However, any threat of violence or physical harm to another person may be considered a terroristic threat. If you have been charged with threatening another person, you are facing severe consequences including possible prison time and significant fines. Further, if the person you allegedly threatened lives in your home, you may also be facing domestic violence charges.

The first thing to do when you are charged with making terroristic threats is to contact an experienced Atlantic City NJ criminal defense lawyer who knows the system well and will work tirelessly on your behalf. For more than 35 years, John W. Tumelty, also a former assistant prosecutor, has been defending good people, like you, who are facing criminal charges in NJ. He knows accusations are common in the heat of the moment and will do his very best to mount a winning defense on your behalf to keep you out of jail and limit harm to your reputation.

What is a Terroristic Threat?

Under New Jersey law, a terroristic threat occurs when a person threatens to kill another with the purpose to put him (or her) in imminent fear of death under circumstances reasonably causing the victim to believe the immediacy of the threat and the likelihood that it will be carried out. This means that in order for a jury to find you guilty of terroristic threat charges, it must believe your actions were life-threatening and that you are capable and/or willing to have carried out the threat.

Mr. Tumelty knows there are many sides to every story and he believes you shouldn’t have to face the severe penalties associated with terroristic threat charges because your accuser has exaggerated words exchanged in an argument. He will investigate what happened and fight for you.

Terroristic Threats and Domestic Violence

While NJ law defines a terroristic threat as a threat to kill, the court systems will consider any threat of violence that is designed to terrorize another person in your household as a terroristic threat. You may be facing terroristic charges stemming from a situation such as one of the following:

  • Sibling rivalry
  • A marital argument
  • A fight involving intoxicated parties
  • A custodial fight
  • A former or current household member threatening to destroy your home or possessions
  • Any other circumstance where tempers flare and emotions get out of control

How Can NJ Criminal Defense Lawyer John Tumelty Help?

Since, in New Jersey, your accuser must present reasonable evidence of the threat, Mr. Tumelty will do everything in his power to prove that whatever you said was taken out of context or misunderstood.

John W. Tumelty will sit down with you to understand what happened. He will ask about any evidence your accuser may have that can prove the charges. Evidence might include: letters, emails, texts and posts on social media outlets. It’s important that he knows the entire situation so he can bring the full weight of his knowledge and expertise to bear in crafting your defense and representing you in court.

What Are the Penalties of Being Convicted of Terroristic Threats?

If the police come to your New Jersey home, the responding officer must arrest the threatening party if:

  1. The victims has suffered an injury
  2. The person making the threat is in violation of a court order
  3. There is a warrant out for the threatening party
  4. A weapon was used in the course of the threat

If your case goes to trial and you are convicted, you face between three and five years in prison and up to $15,000 in fines. That’s why you should never try to fight terroristic threat charges without a skilled, experienced criminal defense lawyer like John W. Tumelty on your side.

Speak with a Knowledge South Jersey Criminal Defense Lawyer for Free about your Terroristic Threat Charges

If you or someone you know has been charged with making terroristic threats, whether in the course of a domestic dispute or in general, you need a battle-tested litigator who will protect your rights and fight for your freedom. Contact John W. Tumelty right away for a free phone or in person consultation. With offices located in Marmora, Somers Point and Atlantic City, Mr. Tumelty is well-positioned to represent clients from throughout Atlantic and Cape May counties and beyond.

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