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Driving While Suspended for DWI/DUI Lawyer Atlantic County, NJ

If your driver’s license was suspended because you were found guilty of driving while intoxicated in South Jersey, you know all too well how serious DWI charges can be in Atlantic and Cape May counties and throughout NJ. You likely paid hefty fines and had to go to mandatory alcohol education at a New Jersey Intoxicated Driving Resource Center. You also had to rearrange your transportation – getting to and from work, etc.

If you decide to drive even though your license is suspended for DWI/DUI, watch out! If you get stopped by law enforcement, you will be facing increased license suspension, more fines, jail time and a lot of other penalties. If you or someone you know is facing driving while suspended charges, contact experienced criminal defense lawyer John W. Tumelty for a free consultation about your case. He has been representing people charged with DWI and driving with suspended licenses in Atlantic City and Cape May for more than 35 years.

How Serious is New Jersey DWI/DUI Charges?

  • In New Jersey, driving under the influence or while intoxicated is a serious offense which, depending on whether it’s your first or subsequent charge, can result in various penalties including a mandatory loss of your license. If you get caught driving for a DWI/DUI conviction while suspended, you will be charged with driving while suspended and face the following penalties. One to two more years of license suspension
  • $500 fine
  • $250 surcharge/year for three years
  • 10 to 90 days in prison

However driving while suspended for a traffic court DWI conviction is a fourth-degree felony offense under N.J.S.A. 2C:40-26 if

  • You have a second or more DWI conviction and you get caught driving while suspended for a DWI
  • Or you get caught driving two or more times while suspended for a DWI even if it is your first DWI offense

Talk to a NJ Criminal Defense Lawyers About Your Charges for Free

There are many reasons you may have decided to drive on a suspended license. Perhaps you needed to get to work and had no other ride. However, it’s important to remember that you could be facing up to two more years without a license and possible jail time! If this is your situation, John W. Tumelty is your best chance at avoiding additional penalties. Mr. Tumelty is focused on protecting the rights and interests of his clients. Contact him now for a free consultation by phone or at any of his three offices in Atlantic City, Marmora or Somers Point.

As with any criminal case, a prosecutor must prove his case beyond a reasonable doubt, and John Tumelty understands this burden of proof all too well. Before becoming a criminal defense lawyer, Mr. Tumelty was a prosecutor and a district attorney. He knows how the other side thinks and can put that knowledge to work for you. Contact John W. Tumelty for a free consultation about your driving under a suspended license case. He is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week at 609.385.4010.

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