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New Jersey Internet Sex Crimes Attorney Aggressively Defends Clients Facing Criminal Charges

New Jersey police departments have devoted a number of resources to catching perpetrators of online sex crimes. Unfortunately, a lot of innocent people have been caught in the police’s net and wrongfully prosecuted based on bad information, accusations and lies. Nevertheless, since simply being accused of an Internet sex crime can result in public embarrassment and persecution, you need to act quickly to protect your reputation, livelihood and even your freedom.

Contact an attorney who understands the importance of maintaining your reputation and who is prepared to handle your case with discretion. The Law Offices of John W. Tumelty is a highly regarded South Jersey law firm that represents clients facing a variety of sex crimes charges, including sexual assault, child abuse, and child pornography. John Tumelty has valuable prosecutorial experience with the New Jersey Attorney General’s Office and the Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office. He has also been a New Jersey Supreme Court certified criminal trial attorney since 1995. Today, he appears regularly in courtrooms throughout New Jersey, including Atlantic and Cape May counties.

What are the Most Common Internet Sex Crimes in New Jersey?

State and federal law enforcement are known to set up online sting operations that target Internet sex crime offenders. Whether you are a visitor to an online site that traffics in illicit images or you share the images through online social networking sites, you could find yourself being investigated by the police.

Some of the most commonly charged Internet sex crimes in New Jersey include:

  • Possession of child pornography: It is against the law to download sexually explicit images of minors.
  • Distribution of child pornography: Both federal and state laws prohibit individuals from providing, via the Internet, obscene material depicting children.
  • Online solicitation of minors: It is against the law to use the Internet to arrange sexual contact with people under the age of consent.
  • Promotion of prostitution: This charge, related to online solicitation, can apply to prostitution offenses conducted over the Internet.

Internet sex crimes tend to be aggressively prosecuted in New Jersey. That’s why you need a knowledgeable attorney who understands the law and can challenge the evidence in your case. For example, your attorney may be able to contest the discovery of evidence if law enforcement violated your constitutional rights during the search and seizure. Or, perhaps Mr. Tumelty can prove other people had access to your computer.

Criminal Defense Lawyer Protects the Legal Rights of Individuals Charged with Internet Sex Crimes in Atlantic City, NJ

If you’ve been charged with an Internet sex crime in Atlantic City or anywhere else in South Jersey, contact John Tumelty today. Mr. Tumelty will work to keep you out of jail and help you avoid a criminal record and lifetime sex offender registration requirements. He provides criminal defense in the Atlantic City area and beyond. He has office locations in Marmora and Somers Point, so he is always available for an in-person consultation about your case.

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