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Skilled Atlantic City, NJ Criminal Defense Lawyer Helps Clients Fight Warrant Charges

There are many types of warrants a judge can issue against you. Whether you are facing an arrest warrant or bench warrant in Atlantic, Cape May or Ocean counties, you need a knowledgeable lawyer who will make sure your rights are protected. Most importantly, you need to “lawyer up” as soon as possible when arrested on a bench or arrest warrant because anything you say can and will be held against you. Saying the wrong thing or even the right thing that is misinterpreted by police can result in jail time and other severe penalties.

When you learn there is a warrant out for your arrest, or you’ve been taken into custody on a warrant in New Jersey, assert your right to have a lawyer protecting you. Contact John W. Tumelty as soon as possible for experienced, knowledgeable legal representation. Even if you believe police have arrested the wrong person, or that you have credible information that you think may position you in a better light, do not speak to the police, the prosecutor and even the judge without Mr. Tumelty by your side.

What is a Warrant and What Can Happen in NJ When You’ve Been Arrested on a Warrant

When the court believes you didn’t appear in court as required, a judge can issue a bench warrant for your arrest. These are some common reasons judges issue bench warrants in Atlantic City and surround South Jersey towns:

  • Failure to appear in court on your scheduled day, as a called witness in an open case or for a sentencing hearing
  • Failure to show that you paid a fine or performed community service

Of course, warrants based on more severe charges, arrest warrants, give police the authority to arrest you based on evidence already collected against you relating to criminal charges.

In the case of a bench warrant, the law enforcement official is required to bring you right away to the judge who issued the warrant. This may mean that you are transferred to another jurisdiction and even state. It’s highly likely that getting arrested and detained on a warrant will not be a convenient thing for you. It’s also likely to be embarrassing if police take you into custody in public.

Additionally, if at the time of your arrest, you are searched by police, anything they find on your person (such as a weapon or drugs) will likely add new charges to your case.

How John Tumelty Can Assist with Your Arrest Warrant

Mr. Tumelty has helped countless clients who are facing warrants in South Jersey. He knows that the effects of a warrant are far-reaching; once a judge issued a warrant against you, law enforcement officials throughout the country are notified through connected databases. You can be anywhere at any time and be arrested on an outstanding warrant.
Make no mistake about it, if you are driving and get pulled over for even the most minor infraction, the police officer will check your driver’s license and vehicle information. If they learn of the outstanding warrant against you, you will be immediately arrested and brought before the judge. If you are not in the area of the court where your warrant was issued, you will be held in jail until transport can be arrange for you. More than time consuming and inconvenient, the humiliation associated with being hauled in on an arrest warrant can be devastating.

Mr. Tumelty can negotiate with the prosecutor to arrange a voluntary court appearance to avoid arrest. Don’t do this without an attorney representing you. If you appear in court, you are likely to be imminently arrested on your outstanding warrant. Contact an experienced criminal defense lawyer to help you with your warrant today.

Talk to a Successful Warrant Defense Lawyer in New Jersey for Free Today

You may be entirely unaware that there has been a warrant issued for your arrest. If this is the case, contact Mr. Tumelty as soon as you are taken into custody. However, if you know there is an outstanding warrant against you, be proactive. Contact John W. Tumelty today for a free consultation about how he can help you clear your name and protect your reputation.

Mr. Tumelty offers phone consultations as well as in-person meetings in his three conveniently located South Jersey offices in Atlantic City, Marmora and Somer’s Point. Facing a warrant is difficult, Mr. Tumelty will guide you through the process, protecting your rights every step of the way.

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