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Absecon Defense Attorney for Drug Charges

If you’ve been arrested for drug charges in Absecon, New Jersey, you’re probably feeling stressed and overwhelmed about what lies ahead. From trying to understand your specific charges to figure out which steps to take next, one thing is certain: You need the help of a dedicated, experienced drug crime defense attorney.

John W. Tumelty is a skilled criminal defense attorney and a founding partner of the Law Offices of John W. Tumelty. A former State and Atlantic County prosecutor, Mr. Tumelty possesses a deep understanding of how prosecutors will handle your drug charges. He’ll use this unique knowledge to strategize a defense that effectively protects your rights.

Understanding Absecon, New Jersey Drug Charges and Penalties

New Jersey drug laws can be challenging to understand. The penalties you face for a drug charge are determined by the classification of the drug. New Jersey recognizes specific illegal drugs in addition to legal drugs being used illegally.

For instance, cocaine is entirely illegal, but possessing certain drugs used for medical purposes, like oxycodone, is illegal without a prescription. The amount of drugs are also considered, with greater amounts often resulting in harsher penalties.

Beyond these drug classifications, there are also different types of drug charge offenses, such as possession of drugs and/or drug paraphernalia. You can also be charged with distribution if you possess a large quantity of drugs. If you don’t have any drugs on your person but have consumed them, you can face a DWI charge.

If you’re convicted of a drug charge in New Jersey, the legal consequences can be serious. Penalties can include costly fines, jail time or imprisonment and having your driver’s license revoked. Depending on the offense, you could even receive jail time without the possibility of parole.

What to Do When Facing Absecon Drug Charges

Being charged with a drug crime can be frightening, but it’s important to keep calm and remember your rights: 

  • You don’t have to provide the police with any information other than your name
  • You don’t have to consent to an unwarranted search of your home or vehicle

If you or a family member are arrested for a drug crime in Absecon, contact a criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible to protect your legal rights. It’s important to have an experienced attorney who can provide personalized guidance that considers each aspect of your unique situation.

Mr. Tumelty understands the local Absecon court system. For more than 35 years, he’s handled drug possession and distribution cases, appearing in the Atlantic and Cape May county courts countless times, and gaining vast knowledge about crafting defensive strategies for drug charges.

As a Criminal Trial Attorney Certified by the New Jersey Supreme Court, Mr. Tumelty has proven results and steadfast dedication to his clients. To schedule a free consultation, or call Mr. Tumelty day or night at 609-385-4010.

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