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Could my son or daughter face criminal charges for sexting?

“Sexting” refers to the act of sending or receiving nude or sexually explicit images or videos through an electronic device. In many cases, the explicit images or videos are transmitted via cell phone. When the sexting is done by adults and is consensual, it does not typically result in criminal charges. (There are exceptions to this that may constitute an invasion of privacy, such as when a nude photograph or video of someone is shared without that person’s consent.) However, when the sexting is done by teenagers, it may be a crime even if it’s consensual. That’s because sexually explicit photographs or videos of a minor can be classified as “child pornography” – and sending or receiving these types of images may result in the offender being charged with possession or distribution of child pornography under New Jersey’s endangering the welfare of a child laws.

These days, more and more teens are sending sexually explicit photos and videos from their smartphones. This can be a real problem for these teenagers because New Jersey prosecutors won’t hesitate to seek maximum penalties for sex offenses involving minors. If your son or daughter has been charged with a crime for sexting, it is important to secure the services of a qualified criminal attorney who understands the NJ sex offense laws and who can help your child contest the charges. A conviction for a sex crime could haunt your child for the rest of their life and potentially ruin their bright future.

John Tumelty Can Defend You Against Sex Offense Charges in Atlantic County and Throughout South Jersey

The penalties for sex crimes in New Jersey are often severe. For certain sexual offenses, the penalties include prison time and a minimum mandatory term of incarceration under the No Early Release Act (NERA). Moreover, some felony sex offense convictions carry a requirement that the offender must register as a convicted sex offender under Megan’s Law. The harsh consequences of a sex crime conviction in NJ mean that anyone charged with a sex crime should immediately speak with a qualified criminal defense lawyer.

Do you need answers to tough questions about sexual offense charges in New Jersey? Experienced South Jersey criminal attorney John W. Tumelty is ready to help you. Mr. Tumelty has successfully represented clients in criminal cases throughout Atlantic County and Cape May County, including Atlantic City, Galloway Township, and Ocean City, NJ. In fact, Mr. Tumelty has a track record of winning sex crime cases in South Jersey courtrooms. Contact him anytime by phone or email to schedule a free consultation at his office in Atlantic City.

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