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Is it still illegal for me to possess marijuana in New Jersey?

Many states around the country have started to legalize marijuana use, either recreationally or medically. As of 2018, NJ legislators are also considering marijuana legalization. However, for the time being, marijuana possession still remains illegal in New Jersey. As a result, anyone caught possessing even a small amount of pot in NJ can be arrested and charged with a crime. Moreover, New Jersey prosecutors tend to seek maximum penalties in marijuana possession cases because marijuana is thought by some to be a gateway drug to more harmful narcotics like cocaine and heroin. This means that you could be looking at heavy fines, serious jail time, and a permanent criminal record that could haunt you in the future. Additionally, keep in mind that even if New Jersey eventually legalizes marijuana, your marijuana possession arrest and conviction are likely to remain on your record.

Former NJ State Prosecutor John Tumelty Helps Clients Beat Marijuana Possession Charges in Atlantic City, New Jersey

As long as marijuana is still illegal in New Jersey, you can expect NJ prosecutors to seek harsh punishment in marijuana possession cases. Even possession of a small amount of pot could mean significant jail time. Worse yet, even if NJ lawmakers eventually decide to legalize the recreational use of marijuana, you will still have a permanent criminal record that includes a drug crime conviction and that haunts you for the rest of your life. The best decision you can make right now is speak with a skilled criminal defense attorney who has the skill and resources needed to help you beat the charges and avoid a drug crime conviction.

John W. Tumelty has three decades of experience in the New Jersey criminal justice system. He previously served as a New Jersey state prosecutor and as an Atlantic County prosecutor; now he fights on behalf of clients charged with drug possession offenses in South Jersey. He possesses unique insight into how the prosecution thinks in these types of cases, so he can help you challenge evidence, question witnesses, negotiate with prosecutors, and win in court. Call or email Mr. Tumelty today to schedule a free initial consultation at his Atlantic City office.

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