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Mr. Tumelty represented Helena Hendricks, who was charged with first degree murder in Atlantic County Superior Court. The defendant faced a number of additional charges, including armed robbery, conspiracy and possession of a handgun for an unlawful purpose. At the conclusion of a jury trial that lasted three weeks, the defendant was found "not guilty" of all charges.

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Atlantic County NJ Man Who Committed Armed Robbery of Pizza Delivery Guy Sentenced to 10 Years in Prison

South Jersey Robbery AttorneysAn Atlantic County Superior Court judge has sentenced a man who played a role in the armed robbery of a pizza delivery driver to 10 years behind bars.

The violent theft incident went down on August 28, 2014. According to Atlantic County prosecutors, the suspect and an accomplice pulled off the robbery when the victim showed up to a Pleasantville home.

The two suspects placed a phone call to Pizza Di Roma in Pleasantville NJ and ordered three pizzas, which were to be delivered to a residence located on Wellington Avenue in Pleasantville. When the delivery guy arrived at the address, the suspects were waiting in the bushes and trees near the house. The suspects wore masks over their faces and approached the victim as he walked toward the front door.

According to the victim, the suspects were both brandishing firearms as they confronted him and demanded that he hand over his cell phone and the keys to his motor vehicle. Remarkably, the suspects also ordered the delivery man to give them the pizzas they ordered as part of the ruse.

Once the suspects had the victim’s car keys, they got into his 2011 Toyota RAV4 and sped off. The driver was able to get help from a resident and contact local law enforcement. Pleasantville NJ police officers searched the area for the stolen car and eventually found the vehicle parked outside the Pleasantville Recreation Center. The suspects were apprehended by the Atlantic City Police Task Force sometime later.

The main defendant, a 20-year-old resident of Pleasantville in Atlantic County NJ, was charged with numerous criminal offenses, including armed robbery, unlawful possession of a weapon, and possession of a weapon for an unlawful purpose.

Earlier this year, he reached a plea agreement with the Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office. In exchange for pleading guilty to first degree armed robbery charges, the suspect will receive a sentence significantly lower than the maximum allowed under New Jersey state law. (Most first degree felonies in NJ carry a maximum penalty of 20 years in state prison.)

Now the defendant is set to spend the next decade in NJ State Prison after the superior court judge formally sentenced him to a term of incarceration of 10 years. Moreover, the terms of the suspect’s plea deal require him to serve at least eight and a half years in prison before he becomes eligible for release on parole.

The defendant’s accomplice in the robbery was a 19-year-old man. In February, he pleaded guilty to second degree robbery charges and was set to be sentenced to between five and 10 years in state prison. However, he failed to show up for his sentencing hearing in Atlantic County Superior Court and was subsequently declared a fugitive at large.

For additional information about this criminal case, read the article, “10 Years for N.J. Man Who Robbed Pizza Delivery Man.”


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