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Atlantic City NJ Man Involved in Standoff with Police at Golden Nugget Casino

Atlantic City Criminal Defense LawyersAtlantic City NJ police recently arrested a local man who allegedly threatened to shoot an employee at the Golden Nugget Hotel and Casino and then got involved in a standoff with law enforcement.

The scary situation unfolded at the Golden Nugget Casino in Atlantic City and began around 5:26 a.m. The suspect, a 22-year-old man who lives in Atlantic City, allegedly got involved in a dispute with a worker at the casino. At some point, he reportedly threatened to use a handgun to shoot the casino worker. The alleged threat prompted casino staff to dial 911 and notify the Atlantic City Police Department, which dispatched officers to the scene.

When Atlantic City cops arrived at the Golden Nugget Casino, they found the suspect standing outside the building. The suspect reportedly had blood on his arm. According to police, blood was also visible on the suspect’s shirt and pants. (Casino security guards later told law enforcement that the suspect’s injuries were caused by his angry decision to punch a glass object inside the casino.)

Atlantic City police officers could not tell if the suspect had a firearm on him, so a police negotiation team was called to the scene to speak with the suspect. The suspect reportedly kept one of his hands in his waistband while speaking to the police. Additionally, the suspect reportedly asked the Atlantic City cops to shoot him.

The tense standoff with police lasted for approximately two hours. The suspect was eventually placed under arrest by law enforcement.

The suspect was subsequently taken to AtlantiCare Regional Medical Center in Atlantic City, where he received medical treatment for minor injuries. Thankfully, no one was injured during the standoff.

The suspect now faces multiple criminal charges, including resisting arrest and obstruction of justice. It is also possible that he will be charged with terroristic threats for allegedly threatening the casino employee.

After being treated for his injuries and processed at police headquarters, the suspect was released from police custody on his own recognizance. He will have to make an appearance in Atlantic City Municipal Court at a later date in order to address the criminal charges against him.

For more information, read the Press of Atlantic City article, “Atlantic City Man Arrested Sunday after Police Standoff Next to Golden Nugget.”


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