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Marijuana Use Could Lead to Hostile Behavior, Increased Aggression

Marijuana use may have a significant effect on brain activity and subsequent behavior, according to the results of a recent study conducted by researchers from Yale University of Medicine and Penn State University.

Although there has long been a belief among the public that marijuana causes the user to “chill out” and become “mellow,” some medical experts have said that pot use could lead to hostile and impulsive behavior. At least that’s what the researchers who conducted a study on drug and alcohol dependence have found. The study, “Effects of Marijuana Use on Impulsivity and Hostility in Daily Life,” documents the results of tests conducted on 43 participants who had no previous substance dependence issues.

The ultimate conclusion of the study is that “marijuana use is associated with changes in impulse control and hostility in daily life.” Specifically, marijuana use was found to be linked to increased impulsivity and greater hostile perceptions and behaviors relative to days on which the test subject did not use marijuana. Importantly, the increased aggression was present even in the absence of any other drug use, including use of alcohol or tobacco. Although the study did not explore what might happen to a person who uses marijuana in conjunction with other drugs, the potential for more deleterious effects on the brain and behavior when a person uses multiple drugs seems clear.

It should be noted that the study only found a short-term correlation between the use of marijuana and subsequent hostile behavior. The increased impulsivity was only present for the day following marijuana use.

With some states now legalizing marijuana use, either for everyone in the state or in a limited capacity for people suffering from certain medical issues, there may be a greater need than ever for further studies and examinations of the effects of marijuana on the brain and behavior. The researchers who conducted the recent study conclude their report by noting that “further research on the potential consequences of marijuana use in young adults’ day-to-day life is warranted.”

Medical marijuana is legal in New Jersey however recreational use of pot is not legal in the Garden State.

For more information on recent studies examining marijuana’s effects on the brain, view the article, “How Does Marijuana Affect the Brain and Behavior? Here’s What Recent Studies Say.”


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