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I Lost My Driver’s License and I Wasn’t Even Driving!

cute police officer pulled SUV overIn New Jersey, drivers know that state laws governing drunk driving dictate loss of driving priviledges. Further, if you rack up enough points from moving violations – excessive speeding, careless driving, and using your cell phone while driving, for example – you will get your license suspended.

However, you can lose your license without even driving anywhere.

Did you know that you can have your license taken away for non-driving violations?

Here are some common reasons your license may be suspended in New Jersey – even though your crime had absolutely nothing to do with getting from here to there.

1.     If you receive a summons to appear in court for any reason and fail to appear in court, and to do so without notifying the court and requesting and being granted a postponement, your driver’s license may be suspended. Similarly, if you are cited for something by the Motor Vehicle Commission and opt to ignore the notice, you may not be driving any time soon.

2.     Do you collect traffic or parking tickets and “forget” to pay your tickets? That doesn’t work so well with New Jersey municipal court judges. If you fail to pay tickets, whether it’s the original fine or any surcharges, including late fees, you may find yourself without a license.

3.     This one surprises many people, but New Jersey has found a way to stop “Dead-Beat-Dad” (or Mom) behavior in its tracks. If you don’t pay court-ordered child support, you may not be doing too much else either. Your license may very well be suspended until you get in good standing with the family court.

If your driver’s license gets suspended – for whatever reason, it’s important that you take the matter extremely seriously. First off, do not drive with a suspended license. You will likely face a lengthened suspension and owe additional fines. If you do it multiple times, you may face revocation of your driving privileges and even jail time.

A skilled lawyer may be able to argue that there were circumstances beyond your control – for not responding to a court appearance ticket, for example. Perhaps you lost your job and you are doing your best to make ends meet, and that put you behind on child support. Whatever the reason may be, it’s wise to speak with an expert in law.

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