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Ray Rice’s Pre-Trial Intervention Draws Criticism

RayriceNobody’s perfect. That’s for certain. This is especially true in the Ray Rice assault case. The videos – one and two – speak volumes. The fact that not everyone has been listening has just added to the ever-growing problem of how domestic violence cases should impact a public figures’ ability to earn a living.

However, that ever-important question isn’t what’s making headlines right now. Instead, Atlantic City prosecutors are coming under fire for what many onlookers and pundits are saying is a “too little, too late” action on the Rice case. Prosecutors aren’t commenting on the case this week.

In May, Rice entered into a pre-trial intervention program after assaulting his then-fiancée in an Atlantic City hotel elevator in February. The incident was captured on a video depicting Rice dragging her from the elevator out into the hall of the Revel Casino. A second video, released on Monday, shows the former Baltimore Ravens star actually punching his now-wife Janay Palmer.

The issue at present is this: did the prosecutors have access to the second video and, if they did, why did they allow Rice to get off with an intervention program?

The way the NFL handled the situation only adds fuel to the fire. The NFL suspended Rice for only two games after learning about the February incident. After the second video was released Monday, Rice received an indefinite suspension from the game of football.

In published reports, Atlantic County Prosecutor Jim McClain said the decision to offer Rice entry into the intervention program was a sound option, given “all relevant information in light of applicable law.” Further, a rumored plea deal called for Rice has him serving between two and five years’ probation and paying a fine.

Atlantic County’s intervention program is a diversionary program that allows some first-time offenders of lesser crimes to avoid prosecution and jail time.

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