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Prince May Have Been Using Counterfeit Prescription Drugs When He Fatally Overdosed

South Jersey Criminal AttorneysFamed musician and artist Prince died earlier this year as a result of a prescription drug overdose. Now it appears that the prescription painkillers Prince was using may have been counterfeit.

On April 21, local law enforcement in Minnesota received a distress call from the Paisley Park compound where Prince lived. When police and emergency medical responders arrived at the residence, they found the singer unconscious as a result of a prescription drug overdose.

The FBI lent its resources to local law enforcement for the investigation into the high-profile drug OD death. Now it has been revealed that Prince may have died as a result of taking counterfeit prescription pills that were mislabeled.

A medical expert with knowledge of prescription drugs recently spoke with the media and said that the potency of the narcotics that proved fatal to Prince would have been enough to kill just about anyone. Importantly, at least one of the prescription painkillers that were found at residence after Prince’s death reportedly contained fentanyl, an extremely powerful prescription opioid that is typically used to treat severe pain.

The pill containing fentanyl was labeled “Watson 385,” which indicates that the painkiller should contain only acetaminophen and hydrocodone. Both acetaminophen and hydrocodone are painkillers with significantly lower potencies than fentanyl. The fact that the pill, which was found in an Aleve bottle near Prince’s body at the Paisley Park residence, had been mislabeled suggests that perhaps the singer did not realize he was taking fentanyl before he fatally overdosed.

The mislabeling of counterfeit prescription drugs sold illegally in the US is a major problem because it can increase the likelihood of an overdose. That’s one reason that law enforcement in New Jersey, New York, and most other states have really begun to crack down on prescription drug crimes such as illegal possession of prescription painkillers and prescription fraud in the past year.

For further information about the details concerning Prince’s overdose death, check out the article, “Prince May Have Known Counterfeit Drugs Contained Powerful Painkiller Fentanyl, Experts Say.”


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